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Over the last 20 years the rates of spinal surgery have steadily fallen to about 3%. Spineworks Services focus on accurate diagnosis, therapy options and pain control

In view of that, Andrew has shifted the focus of Spineworks services to concentrate on the assessment of patients with spinal disorders and the provision of non-operative pain control. He has found that the most effective service he can offer is to diagnose a condition, explain it thoroughly and supervise the treatment options of physical therapy and provide non-operative pain control.

In rare cases where surgery proves necessary, Andrew is more than happy to refer to the relevant surgeon. With his surgical background he is well placed to identify those patients for whom surgery could be useful.

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Consultation Fees for Mr Andrew Quaile

Consultant Spinal & Orthopaedic Surgeon





Further information on fees

For further information on fees charged by Spineworks associate specialists please contact us on 01256 377653 or email our medical receptionist Non-operative and minor interventional procedures are carried out at both the BMI Hampshire clinic in Old Basing, Basingstoke and BMI Mount Alvernia, Guildford. Surgical procedures will be carried out by the relevant specialist in hospitals of their choice.

In general we accept the fees paid by most insurance companies

We are happy to communicate with your insurer on your behalf which usually means filling in forms or providing information. This can be difficult for some people and we would be happy to help.

We are always happy to discuss individual costs for different procedures.

We can also advise you on payment schemes available through the hospitals.


We at Spineworks would like your journey through contact with us to be as painless as possible.

Your initial contact is likely to be via referral from your GP but equally via your Physical therapist.

We do like a GP letter as it contains information about your past medical history, drug history and allergies. You can also contact us directly by telephone or by email.
We will then book you a suitable appointment. You will be asked to bring any relevant scans or x-rays although you do not need to search the wardrobe for ancient copies!

A confirmation of your appointment will be sent to you along with directions to the clinic.

We'll also send through a pre-clinic questionnaire, just to get some basic information for our records.

At the New Patient Clinic you will be assessed by going through your symptoms both with the forms and orally. Any relevant examination will be also carried out as necessary to come to an opinion.
If scans or other investigations are necessary they would be ordered at that time. It is not always possible to state when these scans will be as the scanner is not run by Spineworks.

If an appointment has been booked then the scan time and review would already have been organised.

After your appointment a letter will be written to your GP and any other relevant treating practitioners.

After a scan or treatment you will be reviewed to assess progress. The scan will be reviewed with you to ensure you understand the detail and so that the treatment options can be discussed.
After a treatment the effects of that will be reviewed so that further options can be looked at if required. A further letter will be written to your GP and treating practitioners.

At each stage of the process you will be contacted by the team.

If you have any concerns during treatment we are always contactable by telephone or email.

Coronavirus - COVID-19

Please follow government advice before attending our clinics for an appointment. If you think you are at risk please check the NHS 111 website. Meanwhile take care and we look forward to seeing you soon.